Metal Voyager


Metal Voyager: An Astral Guitar Shoot ‘Em Up

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Original Heavy Metal Soundtrack:
Blast enemies by shredding and wailing your astral guitar against a rolling backing track. Butt-loads of unique riffs and jams to destroy your enemies with during your voyage. Features a full original soundtrack from Dante Morris.

Hand Drawn Retro Style:
Every character and sprite is hand drawn and animated giving everything a fluid, psychedelic look.

Randomized Enemy & Item Spawns:
Stages will throw you something different each time.

Astral Space Journey:
Take on epic bosses and embark on an epic mind bending trek into the unknown.

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Arcade Mode: Voyage across our solar system and beyond as you soar beyond our celestial neighbors into the deep void.

Hard Mode: Mastered the normal difficulty? Crank up the challenge with Hard mode.

Endless Mode: Complete Hard difficulty and unlock this mode to go even further into the unknown.

Stage Select Mode: Unlock various floating pieces of detritus by racing for gold medals!

Bonus bike stages! Astral aquarium! Easter Eggs! Achievements! Etc!!

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A casual indie game from a solo developer In the spirit of game series like Geometry Wars, Metal Slug, Darius and R-Type.


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